My Philosophy on Weight Loss

Patients often list wanting to lose weight as their reason for seeing me.  My philosophy regarding weight loss is that it results from “fixing” physiology and restoring health, whether that be addressing insulin resistance, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, reducing stress and improving adrenal function, etc.

The over simplification that excess weight is solely the result of too many calories is a gross oversimplification and is a source of extreme frustration for many patients.

Many of my patients have removed excess sugar and processed foods from their diets.  On paper, they look to be living very healthy lifestyles, but they still struggle with weight.  In these patients, it is important to understand and address the root cause of their excess weight or they will continue to struggle and feel defeated.

The subconscious, metabolic gymnastics that occur in a normal weight person who has never experienced excess weight are numerous.  There are constant adjustments being made to the metabolism throughout the day to accommodate small variations in daily caloric intake.  After all, it is virtually impossible to regulate caloric intake within 100 calories a day without devoting a huge conscious effort to counting calories, and that is simply not what naturally normal weight people are doing.

My goal with patients who want to lose weight is to devise a sustainable plan that helps them feel healthier and doesn’t require large amounts of unsustainable willpower.

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