integrative health planning


I firmly believe that healing happens in communion between my patient and me.

Key factors that promote healing:

  • Ample time to establish trust and rapport between my patients and myself.
  • Safe space where patients feel free to express their emotions.
  • Deeply listening to my patient’s whole story.
  • Connecting the dots between my patient’s life experience and their altered physiology.  
  • Clearly explain in plain language how the body works both in health and illness.
  • Honoring my patient’s health goals and definition of wellness.
  • Development of an individualized Integrative Health Plan with Integrative Toolkit to empower patients to heal themselves 

how it works

  • Make Initial Integrative Health Planning Consult appointment.
  • Follow-up appointments are scheduled at different intervals depending on the amount and type of interventions I recommend.
  • Typically 4-5 appointments are needed to establish healthy lifestyle changes.
  • I am available by email (preferred) and phone calls between appointments as questions arise. 

who is it good for?

  • Generally healthy people who want to establish a healthy lifestyle and prevent future illness.
  • Patients with symptoms and/or diagnoses that are interfering with their full enjoyment of life.  
  • Patients who are experiencing troublesome side effects from their medications and want to reduce the amount of medication they take.
  • Patients who take too many supplements and have turned themselves into a chemistry experiment without any idea if it is actually helping. 

what to expect

Initial Integrative Health Planning Consult-2 hour appointment:


In-depth review of the patient's unique health journey and establishment of their priorities.
Review of any previous interventions and labs.
Ordering appropriate labs if necessary.
Development of a written Integrative Health Plan.


Follow-up Sessions -1 hour appointment:


Response review to Integrative Health Plan interventions.
Review of labs, if ordered.
Refinement and further development of the Integrative Health Plan moving forward based on the patient's response to the initial interventions.

“My primary reason for seeing Dr. Bogolub was to lose weight and improve my health. Dr. Bogolub spent most of the initial consultation gathering my medical history and ordering tests. The personalized support is really amazing. After 6 months of following Dr. Bogolub's advice, I feel I have the tools to reach my personal health goals.”

Mary M.

Integrative Toolkit - More than just medications and surgery

Tailored Nutrition/Dietary Interventions: I'll recommend the correct diet for your body and lifestyle.

Advanced Laboratory Testing with Genova Diagnostics (www.gdx.net): Advanced labs can reveal core imbalances driving illness and ways to treat illness.

Expert Supplement Recommendations: Targeted, research-supported supplements can be a helpful part of maintaining and restoring health. (I won't turn you into a chemistry experiment.)

Health Coaching: There is a huge diiference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. I provide the support and coaching needed to make changes.

Stress Management: Stress and elevated cortisol cause illness and get in the way of healing. Effective stress management is tremendously helpful for all of my patients.

Sleep Promotion: A healthy circadian rhythm is required for well-being and the treatment of illness.

Spiritual Connection and Life Purpose Exploration: Feeling connected to something bigger than yourself and having a defined purpose is critical to healing.

Emotional Intelligence Development: I will help and support you to express and understand your emotions and the role they play in health and healing.