health crisis counseling

key questions

  • Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer or other complicated health condition?
  • Do you wish you had a doctor in the family to ask questions and seek advise from?
  • Have you returned home from a doctor’s appointment confused about what your specialist has told you?
  • Do you feel like your doctor didn’t answer any of your questions or listen to your priorities?

I can help. I offer Health Crisis Counseling appointments to those patients and families looking for guidance and support navigating a new medical diagnosis.

I am not the expert in your new diagnosis and will always defer to your specialists for specific treatment recommendations.

What I am is a highly competent and skilled, clear communicating, warm and caring doctor with 29 years of experience in medicine and 11 years of experience as a health coach and nutrition specialist.   I will approach your care in this health crisis with thoroughness and compassion.

Health Crisis Counseling-2-hour appointment

  • Explanation of the diagnosis from an integrative medical viewpoint.
  • Review of physiology and anatomy pertinent to new diagnosis.
  • Recommendation for second opinions and other practitioners that may be prudent and helpful.
  • Pre-operative diet and supplement recommendations.
  • Question planning for future medical appointments.
  • Written Health Crisis Navigation Plan.

Follow-up appointments-1 hour each, if needed.

“Learned so much from and about my test results.  Questions answered and a plan of action in place.  Good conversation as well.”