1. Do I have to use Booksy to make appointments? Yes, all patients must make their appointments using Booksy. Booksy captures patient information and allows patients to cancel or change their own appointments. Booksy also captures credit card information in case of missed or late-canceled appointments.


2. Should I send my medical history and laboratory results for Dr. Bogolub to review prior to my appointment? No, please do not send any materials for review before your appointment. Bring any materials you may have from recent medical appointments for Dr. Bogolub to review. Patients often log into their MyChart accounts for Dr. Bogolub to review.


3. Do I need to check-in at the front desk? No, you do not need to check-in. Upon arriving at the clinic, have a seat and Dr. Bogolub will come to the waiting room to escort you to her office.


4. Will Dr. Bogolub prescribe my medications for me? No. Dr. Bogolub will make medication recommendations, but will not prescribe medications. Some exceptions are made for one-time prescriptions if agreed upon.


5. Is Dr. Bogolub a primary care physician? No, Dr. Bogolub is not a primary care physician. She is an Integrative Medicine consultant. Patients are encouraged to have a primary care physician for routine testing, screening testing, and in case an illness needing regular care arises.


6. Does Dr. Bogolub do phone or video appointments? All sessions are done via Zoom.


1. Does Dr. Bogolub accept any traditional medical insurances? No, Dr. Bogolub does not accept any medical insurance, Medicaid,or Medicare.


2. Does Dr. Bogolub accept FSA or HSA payments? Yes. Flex-spending accounts and Health Savings Accounts can be used to pay for appointments if patients have these types of accounts. (Please note that some FSA and HSA credit cards do not allow Square payment processing. If that is the case, Dr. Bogolub will take payment with a credit card and the patient can forward the receipt to their FSA or HSA for reimbursement.)

supplement orders

1. What is Wellevate? Wellevate is a nutritional supplement platform my patient's use to access high-quality nutritional supplements based on my recommendations. My patients receive a 10% discount on all supplements ordered through Wellevate.


2. Do I have to order my supplements through Wellevate? No, but you may not be able to find recommended supplements elsewhere. Many of the brands I recommend require you to be my patient in order to have access to them.