Functional Medicine Approach to Autoimmune


In functional medicine, autoimmune disorders are thought to develop in the gut.

When the three layers in the intestine, the biome, the intestinal lining, and the gut-associated lymph tissue (GALT), are healthy and functioning normally, food is absorbed properly and doesn’t trigger an immune response.

If there is any alteration in one or more of the three layers, Leaky Gut and inflammation in GALT result in an immune response towards food and intestinal-lining proteins.  This immune response can lead to the development of autoimmunity.

Treating the root cause of autoimmunity involves optimizing the health of the intestinal biome and intestinal lining, and calming GALT.   Addressing all three layers is critical in establishing long-term improvement of autoimmune symptoms.

A great place to learn more about Autoimmunity is the America Autoimmune Disease Association.

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