new patient appointments

Initial Integrative Health Planning Consult

2 hours $500

  • In-depth medical history review and setting goals and priorities.
  • Clear explanations of core imbalances and altered physiology.
  • Ordering appropriate labs if necessary.
  • Development of a written Integrative Health Plan.

Health Crisis Counseling Consult

2 hours $500

  • Explanation of the diagnosis from an integrative medical viewpoint.
  • Review of physiology and anatomy pertinent to new diagnosis.
  • Recommendation for second opinions and other practitioners that may be prudent and helpful.
  • Pre-operative diet, supplement, and practitioner recommendations.
  • Question planning for future medical appointments.
  • Written Health Crisis Navigation Plan.

Immune Support Consult 

Individual Session, 1 hour $250

Group Session, 1 hour $200 plus $50 per additional Zoom invitation - please click Make Appointment for details

  • Learn about infection control measures
  • Learn about lifestyle habits that support the immune system
  • Learn about foods and supplements that support the immune system
  • Learn about supplements that should be avoided if you become infected with COVID-19
  • Learn how to use pulse oximetry to help determine when you should seek medical attention
The Immune Support Consult is focused on enhancing your immune function during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For an integrative, tailored approach to complex medical concerns, see the Initial Integrative Health Planning Consult.

new patient to-do list

Fill out Initial Visit form and bring to your appointment.

Bring your supplements to your appointments or take pictures of the bottles, front and back.

Create a Wellevate account to have access to a wide variety of high-quality supplements distributed by Emerson Ecologics.

Bring any recent medical records related to your recent diagnosis or symptoms.

established patients

Follow-up Session

1 hours $250

  • Response review to Integrative Health Plan interventions.
  • Review of labs, if ordered.
  • Refinement and further development of the Integrative Health.
  • Plan moving forward based on the patient's response to the initial interventions.

policies and pricing

Medical insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare not accepted. I am a fee-for-service provider.


$250.00/hour to be paid at the time of the appointment with credit card or check.


Appointment cancellations require at least 48 hours advance notice. Appointments missed or cancelled with less than 48 hour advanced notice will be charged the full price of the appointment.


Genbook requires a credit card to make an appointment- this card will not be charged unless an appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 48 hour advanced notice.


Established patients whose last appointment is longer than a year ago are encouraged to contact me to determine if a one- or two-hour appointment is needed. A one-hour appointment may not be long enough to address new concerns and I reserve the right to schedule and charge for additional time.


Short email and phone communications are included within the cost of each appointment. I will communicate if I think a paid phone call or appointment is needed.


I am an Integrative Consultant and is not a primary care physician. Patients are strongly encouraged to have primary care physicians.


Zoom is an on-line meeting platform. If you are unable to make an appointment in-person due to travel concerns, please contact me to discuss having a Zoom appointment.