Catherine Bogolub, MD, MS

You know something is off. But when you explain your symptoms and experiences, doctors quickly put you in a box. They tell you to take another pill or learn to live with your condition. Are these your only options?

I’m here to assure you that there is another path, one where you are seen, heard and truly understood. Your journey to illness was unique; your journey to healing will be as well.

In our work together, you will gain a clear understanding of your disease and why it developed. We will develop a comprehensive, customized plan, with a range of treatment options and wellness tools. The self-knowledge you develop will empower you to make your own health-related decisions with confidence and clarity. Ultimately, you will experience what it feels like to be truly and wholly “well”.

My passion for this wholistic approach developed because of my own battle with a chronic illness. A Mayo-educated physician, I became acutely aware of the severe lack of wellness training and nutrition knowledge provided by the typical medical education in the United States.  Our medical system is based on treating disease, not promoting wellness.

As a response, I decided to broaden my own education.  In 2006, I attended the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota and received a Graduate Certificate in Complementary Therapies and Healing Practices-Health Coaching Track in 2008.  At the same time, I attended the University of Bridgeport and received my Masters of Science in Human Nutrition. I am a licensed physician and a licensed nutritionist in the state of Minnesota, and became a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist in July 2010.

You are the chief agent in your healing journey.  It takes great courage to make changes in your life to improve your health when you’re battling a debilitating disease. I am here to support you with compassion, competence, and heart. Together, we can find your path back to health and wellbeing. Let’s get started!

"First visit surpassed expectations! Dr. Bogolub was thorough, friendly, clear, approachable, and motivating! What about that combina-tion wouldn't make you want to come back for more?! I am excited for my journey back to better health with realistic approach and expert support along the way.”

Julie B.