Ready to take charge of your health and healing?



Thanks to my chronic, autoimmune retinal disease, I've learned to take care of my own health and healing.

I bring the knowledge I've gained to my medical practice in order to coach others along on their journeys.

I share my story because I want you to know that I know what it is like to be a patient. I know what it is like to feel fearful, anxious, and lonely while dealing with a health issue.

Do you yearn for a physician who understands how to treat illnesses with more than prescriptions?

You will be surprised by the amount of joy and delight I bring to my work and how much of it we will experience together.

I am here when you are ready.


Catherine Bogolub, MD, MS

“I can't express how amazing it felt to work with Dr. Bogolub, who actually took the time to look at my entire health history and put the pieces together. Previous experiences with my doctors left me feeling abandoned with my medical concerns, and I feel so empowered and validated after working with Dr. Bogolub.”

Laura S